Tuo Cielo trafficmodels Tuo Cielo trafficmodels
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     Classic Il-62 with NK-8-4 engines (two models) model paintkit
     Il-62M of up to 90's (four models) model paintkit
     Il-62M from the mid-90's (eleven models) model
     Lightmaps & effects download

Do not place all models into one folder - they have different configurations and settings.

The models were tested in MSFS 2004 only. These models have not been tested in FSX!

I want to thank my friends
  •   Sergey Bunevich (sib2217) - for help on common questions
  •   Jan Martin (Jan Martin) - for brilliant FDE
  •   Oleg Tchernikov (Aleck) - for a large amount of valuable information
  •   Yaroslav Pankratiev (Yaroslav) - for great repaints, for help on model testing
  •   Sergey Ivanov (Scorpio9999) - for help on XML-animation
  •   Alexander Komkov (komal_brn) - for great repaints
  •   Pavel Tolstov (buhg68) - for picking contact points and assistance on model testing
  •   Kirill Konovalov (Kirill Konovalov) - for help on XML-animation
  •   Alexander Yemelyanov (DUST) - for providing the some drawings
  •   Frank Severino (FMCS) - for great repaints
  •   Mariano Bonaccorso (M-Sauce) - for assistance on picking contact points
  •   Felix Chapman (vc-10) - for help on model testing
  •   Andy Carroll (Andy) - for help on model testing
  •   Special thanks to all those who showed interested in this model, a reason why this project did not die...
  •   Also special thanks to my darling wife Ekaterina for helped, supported, fed, fighted with viruses and buggy computers and tolerated my tediousness during the work on a model